Our Services and Supportive Care Solutions

Family Options offers supports and solutions to families, community care organizations, programs, foster care families, treatment centres, agencies, hospitals and other care facilities working with children, adults, families.

We  provide  a  menu  of  direct  care  supports and  options  and  solutions  to help support  individuals  who  are  experiencing behavioural,  social,  emotional,  or health  related needs and  adults with  developmental  and  complex/special needs.

Family  Options  offers  one-to-one support,  short  and  long  term  solutions, home and  community. We specialize in;

  • Mental Health Supports
  • Independent Living or Transitional Support
  • Foster or Group Care
  • Developmental or Complex/Special care needs
  • Autism Spectrum Disorder
  • Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder  (ADHD)
  • OCD,ODD and Conduct  Disorders
  • Fetal  Alcohol  Syndrome (FAS/FAE)





  • Learning Disabilities
  • Educational or Vocational Difficulties
  • Behavioural/Suicidal  Ideation
  • Family conflicts
  • Aggression/behavioural issues
  • Counselling  Services
  • Respite  and  Relief