Transitional and Independent Living Supports For Adults with Development Disabilities

Home Based Services -­ we offer home care services and support for families and individuals with developmental disabilities or unique special needs.


Independent Living Supports -­ we offer Independent Living Supports and programs to adults with developmental disabilities to live on their own in an apartment or other living arrangement with individualized, client-centred plans designed to meet the specific needs of the adults.

Mom and Dad with special needs son hugging

Transitioning / Independent Living


Family Options offers staffing supports for individuals transitioning from structured, group care settings into more independent living, community life. We work with agencies to create Specialized Individual Placement Services with Supports for the individual to succeed in their independence.

The Independent Living with Supports Program (ILS) is designed to address the needs of individuals learning to live on their own. Individuals are established in their own apartments with supports and programming designed to their specific needs. Efforts and preparation are geared towards developing the life-skills of the individual to meet the many life stressors and challenges that can occur upon achieving independence.

Our caregivers provide individual and group work in coping skills, daily living and independent living skills, job search, resumes and therapeutic groups on anger management and healthy sexuality.

Our community-­based care team facilitates and supports the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual growth of the individual by promoting a nurturing, safe, non-­judgmental and predictable environment. The team is committed to extending opportunities for personal growth where an individual’s strengths can prosper and goals for a more satisfying life can be met.

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