Individual and Family Support

  • Behavioural programming directly within the family home that is developed and implemented specific to the family’s needs and focuses on promoting suitable and productive behaviours.
  • Family support by assisting parents and family members in making appropriate care plans and accessing services to ensure family success.
  • To promote and support meaningful relationships
  • To encourage and support each person to become as independent as possible and to experience personal achievements and success
  • To ensure each person’s personal values, dignity and privacy is respected
  • To promote inclusion in community schools, community activities and social groups
  • To encourage and support positive use of recreational and leisure time

Supports and Services for Individuals with Developmental Disabilities

  • Family Options offers services to individuals with developmental disabilities both at home and in the community. We work with the family and individual to offer supportive opportunities to fully participate and integrate with the community.
  • Family Options is committed to offering services that support individuals with developmental and or complex/unique needs to reach their maximum potential, visualize their valued role in society and participate in their community.
  • Family Options will partner with individuals and their families/guardians to provide services and programs that enable each person to live life to their maximum potential.
  • Supported individuals live in communities with staff support to succeed in their personal care, growth and, goals.
  • Round the clock support within the family home.

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