COVID 19 - Updates

Updated: November, 2022

Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, Family Options has been dedicated to reducing risk and following best practices while continuing to serve the clients who rely on us for treatment and support as well as our employees who provide care. The health and safety of our clients and staff have always been our top priority. We continue a vigilant approach in our fight against this virus and certainly look forward to the better days ahead, and the difference vaccinations are bringing to protecting and supporting our staff, their families, and eventually laying a path to the reunification of our residents with their loved ones.

Our leadership in protecting and implementing all methods of infection mitigation is strong and we are regularly being updated with COVID-19 Ministry guidelines which we implement into COVID-19 preparedness plans and policies accordingly.

Our biggest strategy pillar in prevention is having strong communications around COVID-19, with our staff, management, our Ministry partners, and families. We have and will continue to rise to the challenge as a company to protect against COVID-19.

We are engaging our teams around the benefits of getting the vaccines, PPE best practices, their mindfulness of steps while out in our communities and careful screening practices. We’ve created and continue to update COVID-19 preparedness packages according to Public Health guidelines and engage in regular messaging with staff and families around new policies and procedures. Safety plans are in place should there be a case positive, and we have a stable supply of PPE available.

We encourage everyone to continue making good choices to protect themselves and each other. I remain so incredibly proud of everyone at Family Options, both at work and how they are attentive in their movements in their communities. I’m proud of how we have all banded together to support our clients, and each other, thank you.

Be well and be safe,
Family Options

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